Recipe: Tasty Coconut milk fried rice

Coconut milk fried rice. Coconut fried rice Learn how to make this quick and easy delicious vegetarian meal , made with coconut milk ,garlic, and a touch of curry with steps. Coconut Fried Rice - Easy, tasty tropical rice that will heat the spot. Your favorite fried rice on a next level!

Coconut milk fried rice Add ghee or butter to a cooker or pot. SadeElaKitchen is a YouTube channel where you can learn how to cook various types of African dishes like jollof rice, fried rice, meat pie, egg roll, and. This Coconut Fried Rice gained VIP status when I took it to a potluck a while back. You can cook Coconut milk fried rice using 9 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Coconut milk fried rice

  1. You need of .Garlic tube.
  2. Prepare of .Curry powder.
  3. It's of .Coconut milk.
  4. Prepare of .Chicken stock.
  5. You need of Any vegetables.
  6. Prepare of Mix.
  7. You need of Egg.
  8. You need of Cooked rice.
  9. Prepare of Vegetable oil.

At the potluck was various women from different countries. The ratio of coconut milk to rice is important in ensuring your rice tastes coconutty. If you use little coconut milk, your rice will not have that rich coconut taste. To make Coconut Fried Rice: Drain and press the tofu.

Coconut milk fried rice instructions

  1. Cook vegetables in vegetable oil. And add eggs..
  2. Add garlic 1-4 altogether in fried pan after all vegetables cooked..
  3. Put rice in and cook them in a low heat and stir well. Mix leaves are just for topping to make it look good!.

Chop into cubes and then toss in a bowl with the soy sauce. Cover and put on high heat. Shrimp Coconut Fried rice with Plantains This is my fool proof coconut fried rice recipe, the secret to good fried rice is to make sure the prepared rice. In a large skillet, heat up the oil. Add in the chopped onions, shrimps, pepper flakes, thyme , maggi and mixed vegetable.

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