How to Cook Delicious Cheeseburger Sub

Cheeseburger Sub. Part cheesesteak, part meatloaf, part cheeseburger, the elusive cheeseburger sub is likely a staple in more than one college town. This version is cooked on homemade ciabatta garlic bread. Sick of the same ol', same ol' grilled beef burgers?

Cheeseburger Sub See our top-rated recipes for homemade cheeseburger sub. View top rated Cheeseburger sub recipes with ratings and reviews. Chad's Spicy Tuna Sub, Creamy Italian Sub Sandwich, BEST italian sub, etc. You can have Cheeseburger Sub using 8 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Cheeseburger Sub

  1. You need of fresh baked sub roll / italian roll.
  2. Prepare of chopped onion.
  3. Prepare of american cheese.
  4. It's of garlic powder to taste.
  5. Prepare of ground pepper to taste.
  6. You need of seasoned ground beef.
  7. You need of shredded lettuce.
  8. Prepare of mayonnaise.

Signature or Premium Subs are topped with your choice Free Fixin's! Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mayonnaise, fried onions, raw onions, hot peppers, ketchup, mustard, oil and vinegar. The great and funny world of Tumblr. Oh the gems, one might find.

Cheeseburger Sub step by step

  1. brown ground beef and draIn (we usually use 1 pound and get 3+ sandwiches).
  2. add garlic powder and pepper to drained ground beef and stir.
  3. spread butter on both sides of your sub roll.
  4. place sub roll open on a sandwIch press or small grill (we use the small George Foreman grill).
  5. add a slice of cheese split in half to the bottom of the roll (so it covers the whole bottom of the roll) add the 1/4 cup (or more if you'd like) of ground beef on top of the cheese, close the roll and press the top down on the press or grill.
  6. press the sandwich approximately 5 minutes or until it is melted all the way through and crispy then remove from the grill.
  7. open the sandwich and add mayo to both sides, add your onion and lettuce on top.
  8. plate and enjoy! we usually serve with tater tots :) the ingredients are per sub so measure according to how many your making.

Like for instance. cat suggestions by cats, or. funny dogs, or just plain old funny tumblrs! Either way, we came across a. Cheeseburger Soup is a rich and cheesy bowl of comfort food made on the lighter side. Cheeseburger soup is always a hit with my family! It's the kind of soup you crave on a cold night.

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