Recipe: Yummy Decorated Sushi Cake

Decorated Sushi Cake. Use this cake decorating tutorial to make mini sushi cake. They look just like sushi but are made The cake is wrapped in fondant and then decorated with with sprinkles and fondant to look like the. Decorate the sushi cake with sesame.

Decorated Sushi Cake Chocolate jelly roll sponge cake combines with ginger infused buttercream before getting topped with realistic. Get Pro Tips for Making Perfect Cake Pops! Learn how to decorate cake pops that can't be topped with lifetime access to this FREE online class from Wilton decorator. You can have Decorated Sushi Cake using 16 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Decorated Sushi Cake

  1. It's of <Sushi Rice>.
  2. Prepare 3 cups (180 ml) of cup) Japanese Short Grain Rice.
  3. It's 75 ml of Rice Vinegar.
  4. It's 4 tablespoons of Sugar.
  5. It's 1 of & 1/4 teaspoons Salt.
  6. It's of <Filling>.
  7. Prepare of Canned Tuna (185g can) & Japanese Mayonnaise.
  8. Prepare 1/2 of Avocado *sliced.
  9. Prepare of *Other Suggestions: Chicken Soboro (find my recipe), Salmon Flakes, Scrambled Egg, Teriyaki Chicken, etc.
  10. It's of <Topping>.
  11. You need 3 of Eggs *finely scrambled.
  12. Prepare of Sliced of Ham.
  13. You need of Carrot *sliced and blanched in salted water.
  14. It's of Cucumber.
  15. Prepare of Sliced Cheese.
  16. Prepare of *Other Suggestions: Smoked Salmon (formed into Rose flowers), Thin Omelet (thinly cut into noodles), Cooked Prawns, Snow Peas, Sugar Snap Pea, Asparagus, Broccolini, Cucumber, etc.

Decorating This Sushi Cake: Stack and frost cake layers on a greaseproof cake board, using a dab of white frosting to help stick the first cake layer to the board. Add an even layer of the uncolored white. Hi, I'm Jill and today I will show you the easy way to decorate the popular sushi cake. Chirashi Sushi Cake: "Chirashi sushi" roughly translates to "scattered sushi," which is basically a mixture of sushi ingredients.

Decorated Sushi Cake instructions

  1. When you cook Rice for sushi, cook with slightly less amount of water to achieve firmer texture. Basically you need same volume of rice and water. If you are using Rice Cooker, set the water level slightly lower than the mark. *Note: Wash rice well before cooking..
  2. Make Sushi Vinegar by mixing the ingredients together..
  3. Pour the Sushi Vinegar over the HOT rice, then empty it into a large mixing bowl. Mix it well gently and thoroughly, fanning the rice with a fan or piece of cardboard to help the rice cool quickly. Cover the rice with a damp cloth to stop the rice drying out..
  4. While Rice is cooking and cooling down, prepare other ingredients for Topping and Filling..
  5. Line a round cake tin (I used 21cm tin) with plastic food wrap. Fill it with 1/2 Sushi Rice evenly and press down. Arrange Filling ingredients on the rice, cover with remaining 1/2 Sushi Rice, and press down..
  6. Place a serving plate on the tin, and flip it over to transfer the Sushi Cake onto the plate. Remove the food wrap..
  7. Decorate it with Topping ingredients. Children are very creative and they will enjoy decorating the cake..

Though this recipe calls for premade "Sushi Taro" Chirashi Sushi Mix. Use this cake decorating tutorial to make mini sushi cake. They look just like sushi but are made There are many sushi cake ideas out there but this one is the EASIEST! Sushi Cake Bites: I was so excited when I had the idea to make one of my favorite foods out of If you're not using already decorated cake, bake a layer of cake and once cooled add a couple. Instead of ordering sushi, make your own sushi cake. "Is it a cake that looks like sushi, or sushi in the shape of a cake?" my friends asked when I invited them over for sushi cake.

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