How to Make Yummy Palak paneer gravy maggi

Palak paneer gravy maggi. Palak Paneer is one of those dishes that can even turn a boring weekday meal into something to look forward to, especially if you love paneer! This nutritious dish is also one of. Simple, Quick & Easy Paneer recipes - Get a collection of Paneer gravy and masala recipes.

Palak paneer gravy maggi Make this Cottage Cheese In Spinach Gravy at home and. We call palak paneer as palak paneer only and not saag paneer. Palak paneer is a popular north Indian side dish for flat breads. You can cook Palak paneer gravy maggi using 20 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Palak paneer gravy maggi

  1. Prepare of maggi.
  2. It's of size onion.
  3. It's of size tomato.
  4. Prepare of chopped capsicum.
  5. You need of mutter.
  6. You need of -green chilli.
  7. It's of dhaniya powder.
  8. You need of Salt.
  9. You need of kali mirch powder.
  10. You need of red chilli powder Oil-for veg fry.
  11. You need of For Palak paneer gravy.
  12. It's of palak.
  13. You need of -chopped onion.
  14. Prepare of -chopped tomato.
  15. It's of Garlic-ginger -chilli paste.
  16. You need of dhaniya powder.
  17. You need of Chilli powder Oil.
  18. It's of Salt.
  19. You need of Haldi powder.
  20. It's of paneer cubes.

How to make without changing the colour to get greenish gravy. I was not a big fan To prepare a perfect green palak paneer, we must take care to retain the green colour of the palak, also it should not be under cooked as it could cause. Palak Paneer is one of my favourite dishes ever since I was a child and now its my children's favourite as well. Along with the richness of protein in the Serve the Palak Paneer Recipe along with hot Phulkas, Jeera pulao and Dal Makhani for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Palak paneer gravy maggi step by step

  1. Subse pehle Palak paneer gravy bana lenge subse pehle Palak ko wash karke garam paani mein boil karle 10 minutes ke liye and uske baad Palak mein se Sara panni nikal ke uske par thanda paani daal de.
  2. Palak ko mixy mein pees le and gravy jaisa bana le-onion,tomato and chilli finally chopped karle..ginger garlic and chilli ka paste bana le..paneer ko halka shallow fry Karle Tawa pe...
  3. Ab ek kadhai mein oil garam karein..subse pehle onion ko bhun le ab ismein ginger,chilli,garlic paste daal do,and achhe se saute karle.,and ab tomato daal de cut ki huyi achhe se bhun le subko and ab haldi,dhaniya powder,chilli powder daal de and salt bhi daale.
  4. Ab last mein panner ki gravy ko daal de..10 minute ke liye pak ne de and and last mein shallow fry ki huye paneer daal de...
  5. Maggi ko boil karle..ek kadhai mein oil garam karein..onion cut ki huyi light pink hone tak bhune..ab capsicum,chilli bhi bhun le last mein tamatar and mutter bhi daal ke sub achhe se Chala le,,and ab dhaniya powder,salt and chilli powder mila le..sub achhe se Chala ke 5-7 minutes ke liye pak ne de.
  6. Ab vegetables sare achhe se pak jaye tub last mein boil maggi daal de..boil maggi ke Ander jo sachets aate hai use maggi boil karte time hi daal de..ab veg fry and maggi ko achhe se mix karle and 1-2 minutes ke baad.
  7. Palak paneer gravy daal lenge,,and 1-2 minutes ke liye pak ne de and garam garam serve karein ready hai haumari Palak paneer gravy Vaali maggi.😊.

Here are a few other Paneer. Palak Paneer is likely the most popular paneer dish from North India. Creamy spinach with tasty paneer makes a delicious main dish. This recipe was one of my first published recipes on YouTube. After so many years of cooking, my family has decided my cooking skills have improved!

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