Recipe: Appetizing Vegetarian fried rice *Vegan

Vegetarian fried rice *Vegan. Easy, vegan fried rice loaded with tender vegetables, crispy baked tofu, and tons of flavor! How to Make Vegan Fried Rice. Including cooking the rice, the whole dish comes together in a little over an hour and feeds two.

Vegetarian fried rice *Vegan So tasty and you can use your favorite veggies, it's always delicious! I was looking for a vegan or vegetarian fried rice, so I tried this one. Delicious veggie fried rice, coming up! You can have Vegetarian fried rice *Vegan using 10 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Vegetarian fried rice *Vegan

  1. You need of plate of steamed rice.
  2. You need of carrot.
  3. It's of choy sum or bokchoy.
  4. You need of garlic cloves.
  5. Prepare of red onion or 4 shallots.
  6. You need of brocoli.
  7. It's of spring onion.
  8. You need of salt.
  9. It's of rsp pepper.
  10. It's of cooking oil.

As always, please let me know how you like this recipe in the comments. This vegetarian recipe features extra vegetables and brown rice. Now, vegetarian fried rice is a super simple dish. But if you want to take it to the next level you need to follow these cooking steps!

Vegetarian fried rice *Vegan instructions

  1. Chop the red onion, garlic, 1 carrot, spring onion, choy sum or bokcoy..
  2. Pre-heat cooking oil, put chopped red oniom and garlic in, stir it until it smells good..
  3. Put chopped carrot, choy sum or bokchoy, spring onion in, stir it well, wait until cooked..
  4. Sprinkle salt and pepper and stir it well..
  5. Gradually put rice in and stir it well, pour sweet soy sauce little by little until the rice turns brown, stir it well. And serve it on the platter..
  6. Steam another carrot and brocoli, put them on the platter next to the fried rice for garnish..

Learn how to make one version of vegetable fried rice using whatever ingredients I had in my refrigerator at the time. BY POPULAR DEMAND: Link to Kitchen. This healthy vegan cauliflower fried rice is easy, healthy, filling and delicious! If you're craving fried rice, this is the perfect, healthy, vegan alternative to the classic Asian dish. Thai Veggie Fried Rice with easy ingredients, marinated tempeh and basil.

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