Recipe: Perfect Egg Fried Rice / Thai Style Serving

Egg Fried Rice / Thai Style Serving. In this Thai fried rice recipes, you'll learn how to make authentic, Thai Fried rice is a very typical Thai street food, available at every restaurant that serves stir fried dishes throughout the Thailand. I'm going to make this Thai fried rice recipe using shrimp, egg, Chinese broccoli (kailan), garlic. Thai fried eggs also known as Kai Dow are very commonly served with Thai fried rice and many stir fry dishes that are served with rice.

Egg Fried Rice / Thai Style Serving One of the many egg recipes which are quick and easy, this can easily be made within. We love that you can use good old fashioned peanut butter to create such a healthy dish to rival the Thai take away. The best part is, peanut butter actually. You can cook Egg Fried Rice / Thai Style Serving using 10 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Egg Fried Rice / Thai Style Serving

  1. It's of cooked jasmine rice.
  2. Prepare of black pepper.
  3. It's of sugar.
  4. It's of garlic / finely chopped.
  5. Prepare of salt.
  6. Prepare of spring onion,one chopped ,one use as side when serv.
  7. You need of eggs ,one fried,one to scramble in fried rice.
  8. You need of chopped red,yellow bell pepper ,carrot,just for color the dish,not much.
  9. You need of vegetable oil to fried.
  10. You need of sesame oil.

This fried rice recipe with pineapple, chicken, and prawns is inspired by Thai street food and is a quick lunch or dinner. This is a Bangkok street food style recipe which I snagged on a recent trip there. Try a hollowed pineapple shell as a serving bowl. Give egg fried rice a Thai edge with fresh herbs and chilli.

Egg Fried Rice / Thai Style Serving step by step

  1. On nonstick pan or wok ,heat vegetable oil on medium heat ,add garlic and chopped pepper,carrots ,stir until garlic turn lightly brown.
  2. Crack 1 egg into pan ,scramble ,let it set for half minute,move all up to one side of the pan.
  3. Add rice,seasoning,stir to mix,volume up to high heat ,quickly stir ,or toss rice and all ingredients,its done when your rice must not stick to pan ..about 1 mins approximately,add chopped spring onion,heat off.
  4. To serve in Thai Style a la carte menu,serving for one person,side the plate with seasoning fish sauce ,cucumber,spring onion stalks,a sliced of lime :).

Stir the eggs till almost scrambled, then mix through into the rice, folding in the spring onion, mange tout and the soya sauce. This Thai fried rice is served in the pineapple bowl. This Thai fried rice recipe is modified by adding some small dices of capsicum to improve the color and applying the traditional Chinese stir-fry technique. Pour the cooked rice to the half cooked egg mixture. This is a really good egg fried rice dish.

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