Recipe: Perfect Homemade southern fried chicken

Homemade southern fried chicken. Easy recipe that creates a crunchy, golden, crisp fried chicken". This would make or break my love for the air fryer and that test was homemade southern-style fried chicken! Not gonna lie homemade fried chicken kept me in church, I've dropped the religion and I still get cravings for home made chicken.

Homemade southern fried chicken This is a basic Southern fried chicken recipe and the only one you will ever need. Chicken pieces are fried to perfection with a seasoned flour coating. This classic recipe is made-from-scratch Southern fried chicken at its easiest. You can cook Homemade southern fried chicken using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Homemade southern fried chicken

  1. Prepare of flour.
  2. You need of cornmeal.
  3. Prepare of milk. seperate bowl.
  4. It's of eggs well beaten.

Crispy and juicy, it's sure to be a family favorite. Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe by Tiffin Box Southern Fried Chicken - classic Southern chicken recipe that is crunchy and crusty on the outside and juicy and flavorful on the inside; infused with spices and seasonings and soaked in buttermilk to amp its flavor. A great addition to your chicken recipe collection!

Homemade southern fried chicken step by step

  1. Dip the chicken in the dry mix coat it well then.dip it n the milk make sure the hole ckicken is n da milk.then dip in the eggs coat real good and then back into da dry mix.and fry. Make sure the oil is ay 350.
  2. Fry until nice golden brown.

If your grandma didn't make homemade fried chicken when you were growing up, your grandma did you wrong. It's a right of passage to sit at grandma's In fact, this "Oven Fried" homemade southern fried chicken is better than anything you've ever had on the stove, and ready in less than half the time. Southern fried chicken can certainly be challenging - it just takes practice to be honest! If you're new to frying chicken, try frying only dark or white meat This recipe is a basic fried chicken sans the buttermilk but utilizing a salt brine. I am a true believer in brining chicken and pork so definitely allow.

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