Recipe: Tasty Homemade Croissants

Homemade Croissants.

Homemade Croissants You can have Homemade Croissants using 8 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Homemade Croissants

  1. It's of Ingredients.
  2. Prepare of (120ml/4floz) warm milk.
  3. You need of (250g/ 8 ¾ oz) strong bread flour.
  4. Prepare of salt.
  5. It's of (150g/5.3 oz) butter, frozen.
  6. You need of (50g/ 1 ¾ oz) sugar.
  7. Prepare of /1 sachet) dry yeast.
  8. It's of egg yolk beaten with 1 tbsp milk to glaze.

Homemade Croissants step by step

  1. .

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